Adena Muncey

Adena's Journey
Adena has been practicing yoga for about 30 years and teaching for over 22 years. She holds degrees in Exercise Science and Acupuncture. Originally from Boston, MA, Adena moved to Houston via living in Hyderabad India for 4 years where she taught workshops and classes to students and aspiring yoga teachers. Adena has taught several Yoga Alliance 200Hr Teacher Trainings as well as continuing education workshops focusing on anatomy, alignment and intelligent sequencing. Through her expertise and years of experience, Adena has developed a style of yoga that combines strength, mobility, endurance and fun. Her ever changing flow will make you stronger, more agile and help you to feel more comfortable in your body and mind.


Ellen's story
Ellen is a proud native Texan who has had a lifelong love for health and fitness. She began with dance at an early age which transitioned into a variety of sports growing up. As a sub for the Blazing Boot Camp class, she aims to inspire others to work hard and safely test their fitness boundaries in order to create a feeling of accomplishment at the end of every class.


Gerardo's Story
Gerardo’s yoga journey began in 2016 after randomly taking a yoga class at a park. As a former high school wrestler Gerardo fell in love at a young age with high intensity workouts that left you exhausted and drenched in sweat. While juggling college and then the corporate world, regular gym workouts always left a void that his wrestling practice once filled. He was immediately intrigued by how hard and intense a yoga practice could be and started exploring more! As he explored more, he took his first Hot Yoga class at Yoga One and never looked back. Today Gerardo has learned to stay grounded and calm but still intense with his regular yoga practice which he now enjoys sharing with others!



Heather's Class
She is a classically trained dancer who studied under nationally known and notable ballet, pointe, and modern dance instructors. She is deeply passionate about dance, specifically ballet, and believes everyone has a little bit of dancer in them. Her teaching style focuses on high energy, enthusiasm, and guidance leveraging proper form and technique driving long-term physical sustainability and injury prevention. Her core values include encouragement, creativity, and building a solid foundation with personalized attention, so everyone exceeds their own potential. Don’t expect her music to include the top 40 songs, she prefers cutting-edge Electronic Dance Music (EDM) and extended remixes as motivation. Her regular attendees are always left anticipating her next move; wondering how many reps are in this set, hoping it’s truly the final eight, and expecting to “hold this one.” You’re guaranteed to think of her for at least two days after the class, but the results will exceed all expectations; And yes, that is a challenge.


Jenny's Class
Jenny's mission is to remind you of how powerful and brilliant you are — just as you are — on and off the yoga matt. She became a yoga student at YogaOne in 2016 to bring muscle tension relief to her tight legs and hips, after years of long distance running. She stayed devoted to the practice when she learned yoga is so much more than stretching; she discovered the physical and personal transformations that yoga can unleash when we relax the heart, get clear on our intentions and feel the immense joy of being our true selves in every pose. Completing her RYT-200 hour certification at Yoga2Gather, Jenny now teaches in this cherished community to support and join others in nurturing and aligning the body, heart and mind. Balancing intensity and ease in every class, her aim is to help you savor your practice, your breath and your possibilities. Think of Jenny as an old friend, just here to help you remember your own magnificence. 


Jillian's Class
Expect to be wowed in her class! This native Michigan beauty loves music and movement. Her style is whimsical, bold and gives a sense of calm and wonder. She has adventurer side and loves to explore mountain and seas alike. She completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training with YogaOne and loves to encourage students to be mindful of alignment along with having a sense of adventure in each pose. Hot Sonic is her favorite class to practice and thus her passion to share and teach with others was formed.


Lauren's Journey
Lauren started down her yoga path in 2015, but only after completing her 200-HR training in 2020 did she realize just how much deeper the practice of yoga goes. In addition to the physical benefits of Asana, she believes that the integration of yogic philosophy can heal the mind in the same way that asana heals the body. Having experienced these changes in her own life, she hopes to share some of these ancient teachings in each of her classes. In addition to her 200-hr, she is certified in Restorative and in Kids Yoga, and is passionate about helping yogis of all ages establish a connection with their bodies. Lauren likes to play with musical genres in her Sonic classes, but you’ll often hear a blend of hypnotic EDM and vibey indie, with a sprinkling of classics across the decades!


Lindsey's Journey
Lindsey’s passion for yoga is evident through her teaching as she leads a fun and challenging class while focusing on how the physical body, breath and mind work together for healing, growth and self-discovery. Lindsey’s intention is to lead you though a practice of both effort and ease. A physically powerful practice while encouraging ease and softness to help bring awareness to the experience happening on the mat for overall health and wellbeing. Lindsey started practicing yoga in 2005 and was later RTY 200 certified at YogaOne Studios in Houston in 2015. She is also Yin Yoga certified through the Integral Yoga Institute in New York City. Lindsey has been teaching strength classes, hot yoga, flow and yin yoga since 2015. She has been teaching yoga for professional athletes in Houston since 2017. When Lindsey is not on her mat, you can find her spending time with her husband and two beautiful children preferably in the sunshine and seeing the world


Lori's Journey
She discovered yoga in 2008. Physical activity had always been a part of her life, and yoga was very different than the boot camp style classes she was used to. However, there was something about it that kept drawing her back. After a few classes, she noticed a shift. She was feeling calm, centered and grounded. For several years, she battled with bouts of depression, anxiety, and addiction. Yoga has played an important role in her continued recovery, because of the connection to mind and body that the movement and tranquility of it instills. When she is mindful and present, she can be the best version of herself. Y12SR Trauma-Informed Leader.


Mindy's Journey
Her love for yoga started in 2002 while living in Costa Rica. She was in the perfect location and the perfect headspace to explore this new form of movement. Yoga felt super natural and comfortable from the first moment she stepped on her mat. Her style of teaching favors aMINDYpowerful vinyasa set to upbeat, fun music that leaves you ready to tackle the day. Every once in a while she'll throw in some Yin & Restorative to retune & reconnect. She encourages you to listen to your body and allow for modifications as needed. She also encourages you to challenge yourself while leaving judgment and ego at the door.


Natasha's Journey
Natasha discovered the physical practice of Yong Yoga in 2018. She found herself loving Yong Yoga but also felt uncomfortable at not seeing anyone else who looked like herself or her body type, as well as not feeling seen. She also found it hard to mold her body to the sameness in which some instructors taught Asanas, which caused her body injuries from the practice. Frustrated, she was determined to understand deeper and learn more about yoga. Thus began her YTT Training that not only focused on the fundamentals of yoga ,but how to combat social, systemic & racial based trauma with various types of yoga. Within the training, she also discovered the healing restfullness of Yin & Restorative yoga. At Yoga2gather, teaching Yin & Restorative yoga allows her to create a container that can house a more welcoming, inclusive, choice centric & restful environment. Come rest & reset with Natasha on the mat!


Pattie's Journey
Pattie is a Native Houstonian runner who lives for yoga, and vice versa. ☯️ Every January, She honors her city by participating in the Chevron Houston Marathon. Yoga helps her avoid injuries, speed up recovery, and mentally prepare to get back to the pavement comfortably. Over a decade as a student, her yoga practice has changed her life in so many ways. It has brought many friendships, personal growth, and yoga has literally taken her around the world! It is an honor to be a part of the Yoga2gather community, a beautiful sanctuary that welcomes yogis of all levels. She looks forward to sharing her practice with the beloved Bellaire community and beyond!

Rochelle Mannigel Owner & Executive Director - Operations & Yoga


Rochelle's Inspiration
Classes are inspired by simple concepts of self care, compassion and companionship. Each of these components are vital to a powerful yoga practice and real life! She teaches energized vinyasa flow, cardio, restore and warm/hot, sonic yoga classes from her heart and soul with the desire to share her experiences. She encourages students to believe in their own ability and the use of breath to enable them to power through and experience an incredible practice. She enjoys bringing like-minded folks together, grounded and connected in the love of yoga and community. She encourages each and every one of her students to just reach for those beautiful moments and be stronger, be kinder and JUST BE. Self love = whole hearted happiness!


Sharz's Journey
She is an Iranian-American RYT-500 hour yoga teacher in Houston with a passion for move-meant, nourish-meant and deep connection. Like most teachers, she loves what she does and loves sharing the gift of this practice. She has been a student of yoga since 2008 and teaching since 2016. She teachs to create a space for people to connect more deeply to their breath, to themselves, to others, and to the world around them. She finds inspiration daily through life, friendships, movement, stillness, and as one of my life teachers says, "the prophets that walk among us." She believes in the incredible healing yoga offers by bringing more mindfulness, awareness, attention, and sweetness to our bodies, our minds, our life.


Stacey's Journey
Stacey has dove back into fitness and is ready to reconnect with you! A rocky life and corporate climb at an early age left her searching and believing there’s got to be more in life. Love at first class (with Heath) and inspired by her other favorite instructors (Katie and Rochelle included), She completed training and certifications in cardio, weights and barre in 2016. She has been a health care executive for 15 years and fitness has helped create much-needed balance in her life. She is a firm believer in the power of prayer, breath, moving your body and centering your mind, to help survive, navigate, reframe and thrive, despite life’s curveballs. With a desire to pay it forward, she brings a peaceful energy, passion for health and wellness and work/life balance and love of music to her classes. She, herself, has experienced and worked through multiple injuries. She encourages her students to listen to their bodies, make the workout work for them and provides safe modifications and challenging up-levels for all abilities. The present is a present. Start your fun fitness journey now! Your vibe attracts your tribe — Invite friends and meet Stacey at the barre!.

Zevi Ramos

Zevi's Journey
I have been teaching yoga for the last 12 years and been practicing longer than 12. My yoga back ground is composed of vinyasa, meditation, yin, restorative practice and even HIIT training. My journey started when my doctor recommended to take yoga to help with my scoliosis and since the have enjoyed taking yoga that I decided to learn the craft. My intention of teaching yoga is accessibility. I enjoy to layer my class where everyone can have the chance to access and enjoy their practice. Besides sharing what I have learned from my yoga trainings I encourage students to have fun and share and connect. When I teach expect an authentic personality from me. Connection and laughter is included in the practice adding a little hint of wisdom and story telling. I cue from accessibility that encompasses anatomy to each asana. I always share what I learned from my trainings and always open to connect after class.

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